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Commercial Snow Plowing in Lower Bucks County, PA

Commercial Snow Plowing Service

For companies in Lower Bucks County, PA, commercial snow removal and de-icing of sidewalks and parking lots are crucial. Kent’s Tree Service is aware of this. To keep you and everyone who visits your property safe during the winter, we are pleased to provide comprehensive snow removal and salting services.

You can be confident that we have the expertise, a surplus of equipment, and employees to account for the inevitable and unanticipated setbacks that severe winter weather events bring after serving the snow removal needs of commercial properties for 22 years. So, give Kent’s Tree Service a call. We can assist you in completing the task quickly and effectively so you can return to concentrating on what is important to your business.

We can take care of your property throughout the challenging winter months with our highly skilled and expert commercial snow removal services.


Our snow services division knows how to get and keep your parking lots and sidewalks clear without interrupting business operations.


The weather in Pennsylvania may be erratic, and ice can occur when you least expect it. When the temperature is below zero, melting snow can turn to ice. A chilly day that follows a sunny one might cause ice formations to rebuild. To avoid accidents caused by slick surfaces, we proactively treat ice.

Kent’s Tree Service typically does de-icing after plowing, and we could also carry out treatments following a snowfall that didn’t create enough snow to plow. During and after storms, Kent’s Tree Service will de-ice your commercial property. We monitor the situation and make necessary adjustments, such as salting to prevent ice formation.


We can offer the services you need to keep your business operating through a snowfall, thanks to more than two decades of experience. So you can continue to concentrate on operating your company. At the same time, we plow and get you ready for clients since our trustworthy professionals have in-depth de-icing and snow removal expertise. The following are some further details regarding our services:

  • We shovel, plow, or snow blow your parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, and driveways.
  • Plow and shovel pricing is based on snow depth.
  • Snow removal begins with an accumulation of at least 2 inches.
  • We can provide a Certificate of Insurance if needed.
  • You will be charged for extra work if you request it from our driver.

Keeping your business on track over the winter will be enough to keep you busy. Let us relieve you of one more thing to consider. Contact Kent’s Quality Tree Service today to learn more about commercial snow removal in Pennsylvania and the nearby areas! Kent’s Quality Tree Service is a company that recognizes the significance of keeping your commercial property’s walkways and parking lots clear and safe from the hazards of snow and ice this season. You can reach us by phone at 215-547-9744 or online.

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