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Tree Stump Grinding in Lower Bucks County, PA

Tree Stump Grinding Service

While young or recently planted trees can be easily removed, older, more significant trees leave a stump that can only be removed with specialized tools. As a result, stumps in your backyard might not only be unattractive but can also be dangerous and draw pests to your home.

Kent’s Quality Tree Service in Lower Bucks county uses modern tools and cutting-edge stump grinding processes to guarantee that the majority, if not all, of the stump, is removed from your premises. Therefore, we are motivated to provide Lower Bucks county Avenue homeowners with the most dependable stump grinding service.

Process for Grinding and Removing Stump

Utilizing professional grinding equipment, we grind stumps approximately 6-8″ below grade. This will remove any visual evidence that a tree once grew in that spot. However, you cannot plant trees just where the old stump was.

Complete excavation is necessary to grow new trees where the stump already stands. Disturbing the ground and any adjoining sprinkler systems is a given when removing old, established tree stumps. However, this shouldn’t worry you since we’ll assist you in repairing your property and filling in any remaining holes after excavation.

Each stump removal tree service Pennsylvania residents need from us is handled separately to guarantee specific customer demands are satisfied. While removal uproots the stump and its roots, grinding will often lower the stump to a few inches below the soil surface.

High-Quality Services are Promised

Our aim at Kents Quality Tree Service is to assist you in designing the ideal environment for your requirements. We feature the newest stump removal technologies and decades of industry knowledge. No matter the size or diameter, we are capable of handling any project and removing any type of stump. We will grind or remove the stump from your land based on your demands.

For all of our stump grinding and removal services, we provide quality assurances to ensure that our customers are happy with the results. We will gladly return and regrind if the first effort does not meet your expectations. You can always utilize the earth and wood shavings left over after stump grinding as mulch around newly planted trees.

Stump Rotting

Even though rotting is normal, it might take a while, especially if the tree is chopped down. Since interior rotting contributes to the majority of old trees falling, dead trees decay more quickly than those that have been chopped down. Natural decay might take 20 years or longer. Another option is to make holes in the stump and inject decaying substances to hasten the process. However, in contrast to expert stump grinding and removal services, this still requires years and is less efficient.

If you have any inquiries regarding stump removal, give us a call right now. Our staff would be happy to address your questions and assist you in hiring our services. In addition to other reliable tree care services, we provide planting, pruning, cabling, and bracing for trees to enhance your landscape.

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